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Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov (1899-1977) known as Vladimir Sirin by pen name received popularity as a Russian book writer. He also took part in the publication of poetry, translations and entomology. Between 1926-1938 he wrote nine Russian language novels. His book Lolita (1955) became listed as fourth in the Modern Library 100 Best Novels in 2007. Another publication named Pale Fire (1962) also reached the list but ranked as 53. Speak, Memory (1951) reached the Random House’s list of the great fiction of the 20th century. Also, Nabokov became a finalist on the National Book Awards for Fiction over 7 times. Born in 1899, Nabokov derived from a wealthy nobility family who lived in St. Petersburg.

His father, a lawyer, also became a leader of a pre-Revolutionary Liberal Constitutional Democratic Party. Nabokov’s father accepted the Russian Provisional Government secretary position in St. Petersburg after the 1917 February Revolution. The family forcefully moved to Crimea and fled from the challenging revolutionary circumstances. In 1918 they moved to Livadiya that formed part of the Ukrainian Republic. The Nabokov family moved to western Europe after 1918 and thereafter settled in England for a short period.

Nabokov joined Trinity College at the University of Cambridge and became interested in zoology and Slavic languages. During 1920 his family relocated to Berlin, where his father started the émigré newspaper Rul’. He joined his family after the completion of his studies in England. He received recognition for his ability to write complex stories inclusive of intense word plays and plots. His dystopian novel named Bend Sinister became published in 1947.

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