What Types Of Dystopian Themes Exist

Political Dystopian Books To Read
Political Dystopian Books To Read
November 2, 2020
Classic Dystopian Novels You Should Read
Classic Dystopian Novels You Should Read
November 2, 2020

Dystopian Types – The variety thereof

Literature in the dystopian genre follows some common concepts. In most cases, narratives adopt at least one subject or consolidate a couple to make their dystopian world.

You would find dystopian societies in many sub-classifications of fiction. They are frequently used to cause to notice society, religion, morals, environment, economies, legislative issues, psychology, morals, science, or innovation.

Regular subjects found in dystopian books are described below, and frequently one storyline would be used to explore more than one topic.

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1. Environmental Destruction

  • That Hideous Strength
  • The Giver

2. Totalitarianism

  • The Running Man

3. Religious Control

  • The Chrysalids
  •  Lord of the World

4. Loss of Individualism

5. Nuclear Disaster

6. Technology

7. Class

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