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Review, Synopsis, and Summary of The Science Fiction Novel Wool

Hugh Howey is a New York best-selling author known mostly for his remarkable fiction publications. His works embrace fantasy fiction, children’s pictures book, dystopian and literary fiction. Wool is a fascinating dystopian science fiction novel revealing the true horrors of the world demolished by the apocalypse.

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Author: Hugh C. Howey

Genre: Science fiction

Page counts: 570

Good read ratings: 4 of 5

My ratings: 7 of 10

Published: 2013

Publisher: Simon & Shuster

Language: English

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Review and Summary of The Science Fiction Novel Wool

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***


The plot takes place in a post-apocalyptic span on the planet. They only find life below the earth’s crust on a 144 floored building known as Silo. The conditions on the planet are worst for mankind to endure life on it. A mysterious unknown disaster wiped out every bit of life, and some seek shelters within the Silo. The novel unveils a sheriff named Holston, who volunteered himself for cleaning. Holston feels sad about the details his wife disclosed before her death years ago. When he goes out to clean, he discovers the world is abundant and alive. He cleans the camera, feeling compassion towards the rest of Silo’s inhabitants. In a while, after removal of his helmet, he realises that it shows him a unique vision of reality and he died lying next to his wife’s remains.

The mayor and deputy sheriff employed a woman named Juliette to fill the sheriff’s position. Juliette originally worked deep down in the mechanical department of Silo and accepted the role to work on Silo’s mechanical generator. The mayor Jahns confronted Bernard Holland, head of the IT department, over the recruitment of Juliette as a sheriff. Bernard was against mechanics and Juliette. During his outrage, he poisoned Jahns to death. The deputy sheriff Marnes killed himself as he was in deep love with mayor Jahns.

Bernard serves as an interim mayor while Juliette took the charge as a sheriff. She investigates what urged Holston and his wife to cleaning. Juliette visits a guy named Lukas who is an employee in the IT department. Bernard expelled Juliette to the mechanical department and employed her as a cleaner against her will. Other than that, Juliette learns that they design the suits to fail before going out. Juliette secretly funnels higher quality supplies to IT to modify her suit. During cleaning, she realises that her screen visor is showing her fake reality.

Juliette and Solo

Juliette disappeared from the site of Silo’s camera without doing her job. On the surface, she met a person, Solo with some fierce children who belong to another destroyed Silo where people killed each other. She assembled a plan to connect the failed Silo to her’s and benefit from the resources found. She also liaises with other people back home using a radio.

Juliette failed cleaning raised turbulence in the Silo. Meanwhile, the mechanical workers came to know that they design the cleaning suits to break down. Juliette’s mysterious disappearance provoked them so they planned an attack on IT but miserably failed. Bernard observing the dangers of his turmoil, he prepares IT and instructs Lukas to be his replacement. During this time Lukas learns about 50 other silos and the creators of the silos were the ones who destroy the planet. Bernard trains Lukas being ignorant of the fact that Lukas was in contact with his enemy, Juliette.

Lukas confronts Bernard about the destructions and in response to that Bernard sentenced him to clean. When Juliette returns home to Silo, she finds out that Lukas gives up his life to clean burns in the airlock chamber. Analysing the body, they concluded that it was Bernard who died under the burdens of his misdeeds. After all, the novel ended on a happy note when they elected Juliette as the mayor of the Silo to run it with justice in mind.

Final say on The Science Fiction Novel Wool

I rate this novel 7 out of 10 because of its fascinating and non-original setting. This novel is a well-written piece of fiction. Would I re-read this novel? No. Am I glad I read it? Yes.

For The Latest Price: Wool

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